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One Man’s Misfortune Is another Man’s possibility

in the event you were supplied a deal that sounded as though it was once unbeatable, and it became out that there was no chance involved for you, you’d without a doubt take it, wouldn’t you?

Most of us, if now not all, would. but then throw this variable into the equation: that you may most effective have this deal with the aid of profiting from the fact that a pair with three youngsters are divorcing after one of the crucial oldsters lost their job.

they’ll sell for just over half of of what they paid for the property for the reason that backside fell out of the market and the repayments are crippling them.

How do you’re feeling now? still thinking of popping open a bottle of champagne and toasting your good fortune? well, you can also neatly be.

actually that there will always be misfortune on this world, and if you feel that it is excessively unkind to make the most of someone else’s misfortune then there shall be numerous other folks in the market who are in no way bothered about taking that step.

clearly you could be neatly steered not to celebrate your good fortune in front of the domestic who’re dropping their dwelling, but they want to promote it, and you’re going to now not be helping them via opting out of the decision.

that is how many individuals make their first step on the real property ladder. Equally, others will purchase homes from seized-property auctions without taking into account that the work that went into those homes could have been funded via drug dealing, and buying from a repossession public sale is also a way of profiting from some other’s misfortune in case you want to take that view of things.

It’s all relative, and you are not the bad guy.

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